Abdul Hammeed Zakariyya

Welcome to The Falcon Institute!

It is an exciting time at the Institute as we begin counting its first year of life.

Frankly, your association with the Institute makes the year a more thrilling time for the management team of the Institute.

We established The Falcon Institute with the hope and resolve of serving student needs. Foremost among them is the need to be competitively job-ready upon graduation. We commit to help you earn better qualifications and we pledge to upskill you simultaneously to ensure you enjoy unstoppable career advancement.

Clearly, by joining The Falcon Institute you have made a smart choice.

However, your dreams can come true only if you pursue them vigorously. So, be ready to engross yourself eagerly in your studies. Please play your part thoroughly as we strive to grow you to your full potential.

Our programmes are carefully and thoughtfully designed for you. They meet the MQA requirements while preparing you for the job market. They immerse you in a deeply enriching and interactive learning environment which will help you build a better and brighter future.

Do read The Student Handbook that is designed to help you become familiar with the policies, procedures and practices relating to the academic and administrative affairs at TFI. They govern your studies and life at the campus. For further information on our courses, please do not hesitate to call us at 335 7077.

We wish you best of luck and great success in your academic  and professional life! See you soon in our campus!

Abdul Hameed Zakariyya
The Director
The Falcon Institute