16 weeks
June / October
The Falcon Institute
Full-time face-to-face
Level 3
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Course Description

Objectives of the Programme

Certificate III in Human Resources Management is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills required to serve efficiently and effectively as human resources generalists. The programme consists of 4 modules selected carefully to give students a comprehensive view of the roles and functions of a human resources generalist. The programme provides a good mix of basic concepts and skills to ensure that successful students leave as job-ready candidates.

Contents of the Programme

The programme consists of the following 4 modules:

  • Basic Concepts of Human Resources Management
  • Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour
  • Labour Relations
  • Office Management Methods

Entry Requirements

General entry requirements:

  • Completion of Basic Education OR attainment of a Level 2 qualification.

Alternative entry requirements:

  • 18 years of age AND proficiency in the English language

Other Details of the Programme

  • Credits: 40
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Assessments: Mid-term and Final exams plus 1 individual assignment and 1 group assignment

Who Should Apply?

  • Those keen to work as human resources generalists
  • Those seeking jobs at the supervisory level
  • Those pursuing career advancement in human resources management or related jobs
  • Those looking for formal qualifications to support their experience
  • Those seeking to satisfy entry requirements to higher level programmes in human resources or related fields

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