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Course Description

Objectives of the Programme

Certificate IV in Business Administration is intended to equip students with the fundamental knowledge and the basic technical skills to perform business functions in a competitive setting. The programme will cover the essential concepts and practices of business administration to help students build a solid foundation for successful careers in the business field and enjoy regular career advancements.

Contents of the Programme

The programme consists of 8 modules spread over 2 semesters as given below:

Semester 1

  • C4101 Approaches to Office Management Methods
  • C4108 Fundamentals of Marketing and Sales
  • C4109 Fundamentals of Strategic Management
  • C4110 Introduction to Economics

Semester 2

  • C4105 Foundations of Human Resource Management
  • C4106 Fundamental Concepts of Organizational Behaviour
  • C4113 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • C4116 Managing Essential Administrative Services

Entry Requirements

General entry requirements:

  • Successful completion of Lower Secondary Education OR attainment of a Level 3 qualification

Alternative entry requirements:

  • 18 years old and 1 year work experience AND proficiency in the English language

Other Details of the Programme

  • Credits: 120
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Assessments: One individual assignment, one group assignment and an end of term exam every semester

Who Should Apply?

  • Those wishing to progress towards a Diploma in Business Administration
  • Those keen to remain competitive in the job market
  • Those seeking to reinforce their academic foundations for building greater self-confidence and increased chances of employability
  • Those pursuing career advancements through higher qualifications and skills
  • Those wanting to outshine others in their workplace

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